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Collected cultural goods

The museum in the historic tower shows a variety of pictures with a focus on Alpine landscape painting. It was founded by the well-known Ötztal art collector and folklorist Hans Jäger who dedicated his life to the conservation of rural cultural assets.

From the gallery straight to the museum

Hans Jäger had first launched his "Galerie zum alten Ötztal" on his private farm. He wanted to defy the tendency to disrespect historically grown substance. He collected pictorial material of various kinds, determined by his personal perspective of Lower Ötztal. He was particularly interested in 19th and early 20th century painters. After lifelong work, a large selection of high-quality images is available: the pictures tell a lot about the region and show it from its most beautiful side.
In 2011 the Hans Jäger Collection, considered one of the most important folklore and art historical private collections in the Alpine region, moved into the Oetz Museum in the Tower. The building itself surprises with architectural details from the Romanesque period to the present. It showcases several paintings, pictures and photographs to their best advantage. Definitely worth a visit - not only in rainy weather!

Opening times:

early June to late October
Wednesday to Sunday + public holiday from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Guided turs available on request
All details & event tips at www.turmmuseum.at

Tower Museum Ötz Ötztal
Ötz Tower Museum Ötztal
Ötz Tower Museum Ötztal

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