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Adventure & outdoor sports in the Oetz Region

Take a walk on the wild side

Get out of the comfort zone, push yourself to the limit: The Oetz Region has a highly effective recipe against everyday routine. Rocks, forests, rivers, creeks, waterfalls and - not to forget - airspace stand for a superb adventure playground of true superlatives. It offers the entire range of outdoor sports for families, beginners and professionals: a unique density of offers, professional services and passion available only in this Alpine area. Therefore the activities' fun factor is as high as the pulse curve and the final triumph to have conquered a new challenge. Suitable guided tours are available for all ages and preferences - from little boys to grandmas, from couch potatoes to sporting aces.

All outdoor adventure providers

You better trust in Ötztal's outdoor specialists if you want to go to the limit. The professional outdoor sports providers are not only completely infected by the adventure virus but of course also highly trained and officially certified.

They have committed themselves to high quality standards in order to guarantee all participants a safe, comfortable and unforgettable outdoor experience. So get ready, come on board and let the guides do their (dream)job.

Ötztal Rafting

Outdoor adventures

Be it on land, water or air, here get your adrenaline rush

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