Lake Piburger See

Winter Exploration on ice

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Scenic lake Piburger See was the result of a natural disaster. Today the lake has become one of the most renowned nature treasures of Oetz. Originally the lake's basin was a huge rift running parallel to the Ötztal. The scenic lake makes a picture-book winter wonderland.
Cleared winter walking trails can be found in the surroundings of lake Piburger See. Romantic hiking routes travel from the village of Oetz towards the frozen lake, through snow-covered meadows and forests... winter dreams come true here.


Winter Walking Trails

Andreas Hofer Weg
Starting point: Information Oetz  -> southwards along Ötztaler Ache brook until you reach the trail fork-off, then you have the following options:

  • Turn left, walk through the forest until you reach the first houses of Habichen - return to Oetz. Walking time: about 45 min
  • Straight ahead towards Wellerbrücke bridge, then through the forest in direction Habichen - back to Oetz. Walking time: about 1 h
  • Straight ahead to Wellerbrücke bridge, further on towards lake Piburger See and Piburg (steep ascent at the beginning!) - back to Oetz on the federal road. Walking time: about 2 h

Elsinger Weg – Piburger See – Piburg
Starting point: Information Oetz -> from the village center across Piburgerbrücke bridge -> turn left after 300 meters, follow the broad forest trail (Elsinger Weg) leading up to lake Piburger See -> along the left lakeshore towards the hamlet of Piburg -> back to Oetz on the federal road. Walking time: about 1.5 – 2 h

Sautens – Haderlehn – Piburgersee
Starting point: above the church of Sautens -> follow the toboggan run (above the school) until you reach the road to Haderlehn -> continue to Ferienhof Haderlehn where you change to the forest road -> further on to Piburg -> back to Oetz on Elsinger Weg -> Beerweg -> Sautens or walk back on the same route. Walking time: about 1.5 h

Piburger See Rodeln


Family-friendly toboggan run leading right to the lakeshore.
0.5 km long floodlit toboggan run. Walking time: about 10 min
Toboggan rental: Gasthof Piburgersee

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Piburger See Eislaufen

Ice Skating

Free of charge skating course. A minimum ice layer is required. Ice skating is at your own risk!

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