Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

With two horsepower through the winter

Glide through the Ötztal winter wonderland on a carriage – does this sound like a fairytale? We turn back the time and make it true: You can experience a vintage horse-drawn carriage ride wrapped in thick blankets or hides. You ride through snow-covered forests, past villages and mountains and have plenty of time to marvel at the surroundings. Enjoy melodic bell sounds, the clippety-clop of hooves, the neighing and snorting of the horses and watch their breath form little clouds that rise into the cold winter air. All wrapped up, such a ride is great fun for the whole family, groups or couples that want to enjoy some time on their own. The rides take usually an hour. For families with toddlers shorter excursions are possible.

Haflingerzucht Griesser
Oetz, T +43 (0) 664 8398911
Vitalhof Tischlars
Längenfeld, T +43 (0) 5253 5508,,
Vinzenz Kuprian
Längenfeld, T +43 (0) 5253 5673
August Leiter
Niederthai, T +43 (0) 5255 5523,
Haus Reinstadler
Vent, T +42 (0) 5254 8190 – Registration requested