Today 29.07.2014

Temp max. 17°C
Temp min. 11°C
Sunshine max. 1 h
0° Level 3700 m

Wednesday 30.07.2014

Temp max. 15°C
Temp min. 10°C
Sunshine max. 0 h
0° Level 3700 m

Thursday 31.07.2014

Temp max. 16°C
Temp min. 12°C
Sunshine max. 4 h
0° Level 3800 m

Friday 01.08.2014

Temp max. 23°C
Temp min. 8°C
Sunshine max. 6 h
0° Level 4100 m

Saturday 02.08.2014

Temp max. 22°C
Temp min. 11°C
Sunshine max. 5 h
0° Level 4000 m

Lifts in Operation

Total 15 of/ 70

4-day Forecast

On Wednesday, our regions will be located at the edge of a low-pressure area, situated over the Adriatic Sea. Clouds will mostly prevail, further rain showers are forecast, and the temperatures will be chilly. On Wednesday night, the rain, approaching from north-west, will intensify once more, before it will abate in the course of Thursday. On Friday, the summer warmth will return, accompanied by southerly winds. The sun will temporarily shine and the temperatures will rise, later on, however, the risk for showers and thunderstorms will increase. The southerly winds and the slightly changeable conditions will continue on during the weekend. Different kind of weather phenomena are forecast: sunshine, clouds, showers with thunder and lightning. Really settled summer weather is not forecast for the following days.