Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, 1.930 m

The diamond of the Alps

We warmly welcome you to Tirols unique glacier village at 1,930 m altitude. Enjoy the stunning high Alpine scenery, the rare fauna and the glacier wonderworld surrounded by the mighty peaks of the Ötztal Alps. Be it hiking up to 3,000 m, mountain walking along romantic paths or discovering the pasturelands - This high Alpine landscape has it all.


in this climatic health resort offers wonderful benefits for body, mind and soul. Bracing high Alpine climate and mountains of awesome beauty ensure a truly unique journey to your inner self. Your new elixir of life also comprises de-stressing and speeding down.


All mountain paths lead to happiness! Both expert hikers and passionate walkers can choose from an array of routes and tours for all levels and abilities, ranging from easy trails at the elevation of 2000m above sea level to high Alpine glacier tours and mountain peaks. Stunning views and breathtaking vistas included.



Download Ortsinformation Obergurgl-Hochgurgl (pdf Format)