Haming-Ochsengarten , 670 m

Ultimate Destination

Countryside and city. Traditional and modern at the same time. Flowers in full bloom while bringing in the harvest. Idyllic and romantic. Wonderful and full of secrets. Varied fauna and flora at all times of the year. Bizarre mountain peaks, deep valleys and lush green pasturelands. Friendly people and genuine hospitality. That's Haiming-Ötztal and Ochsengarten!


A quite sporty mind. Walking and hiking. Rafting, canyoning, kayaking, hydro-speeding, mountain biking, inline skating and ... Feeling free - Discovering its own limitations. Adventurous days. Up hill and down dale. Unspoilt nature in abundance as far as the eye can see. Narrow paths and steep trails. All in the same boat - White waters and rushing mountain brooks. Ropes and Neoprene suit - Exploring waterfalls and mystic gorges. Rest and recreation at the forest pool. Scenic walks and stunning peaks. Admiring and conquering the eternal ice.


Everything is about rafting when you come to Haiming. The destinations are manifold: The renowned gorge of Imst ("Imster Schlucht"), Europe's most famous rafting area, or the wild Ötztaler Ache brook, an internationally known Rafting World Cup site. Routes and programs are available for all ages and ability levels. Pure BLISS!



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